Jackson Duncan 

Jackson has hosted his own YouTube channel since 2014. Jackson has performed product reviews and skits on YouTube leading to numerous subscribers and a sizeable view count. 


Olivia Skylar 

Olivia has professional experience as a cover model and never shy's away from a camera. Olivia has her own hit YouTube channel, The WebTVGirl where she host interviews at theme parks around South Florida. 

Chilly - Ciro Dobric  

With over 10 years as an award-winning standup comedian, Ciro Dobric's first comedic short film "Jimmy" was the winner of the Miami Underground Film Festival. 





Character Bio - Chilly: Chill is a good-hearted seemingly dimwit, with moments of sheer knowledge and brilliance. He’s a yesman at any job he tries, often being manipulated.


Character Bio: Olivia is a hopelessly optimistic precocious 9-year old who excels at everything. When her dad is faced with losing their family home, she believes taking on a contest to win some fast cash might be a simple solution. However, the contest proves more challenging than initially expected especially with two conspiratorial Ice Cream Men constantly giving chase. Although always having the best in life, Olivia leans on her resourcefulness to solve problems in a cost-effective manner and by the end of the film is humbled into understanding that the money is not necessary to solve all problems.  


Character Bio: Jackson is a realistic genius. He is always game for giving a new idea a trepidatious try. When realizing that they might lose their house he sees the opportunity presented by a contest put on by a billionaire as a way to salvage a semblance of a life they once knew. Throughout the story Jackson starts off well dressed and somewhat arrogant; however, throughout the story he learns that only through hard work and humility and teamwork can great problems be solved. By the end of the film, although his clothes are tattered, his character is emboldened.


Character - Bio 

Ice Man is the somewhat egotistical leader of the two Ice Cream Men. Buying an Ice Cream truck is the latest in a long run of "small businesses" he has owned as an easy way to make big money. He is always looking for the next, fast cash.

Chilly - Ciro Dobric  

With over 10 years as an award-winning standup comedian, Ciro Dobric's first comedic short film "Jimmy" was the winner of the Miami Underground Film Festival. 


Ice Man - Santo Curatolo  

Santo Curatolo has performed on stages across the United States as well as out at Sea! 


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Character Bio - Dad

Dad is the proverbial nice guy who finishes last, but when faced with losing everything... he loses, most literally, his kids. Dad is on a mission to find his kids before his ex-wife returns from vacation.  


Dad - Dean Napolitano  

Comedian Dean Napolitano is a throwback to the great comedians of yesteryear only with a modern twist that makes him one of the most prevalent comedians working today. A true storyteller with imaginative delivery that makes audiences feel as if they have been through each experience themselves.

Born in Long Island New York, Dean  Napolitano first cut his teeth on the comedy scene working for clubs throughout  Florida. Napolitano has been seen on the small screen in a variety of shows on various networks. His TV credits include,  Good Morning America, Three Rivers,  What About Brian (ABC), Heroes (NBC), Las Vegas(NBC), The Shield (FX) Passions (NBC), Ghost Dog (PAX), From the Earth to the Moon (HBO), Mystery Files of Shelby Woo (Nickelodeon), Safe Harbor (Aaron Spelling Productions), Vamps (Victory Productions) and many more. Dean is also a favorite among Hollywood’s elite opening for the likes of Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, and he is on the talent roster of the world famous Messina Baker Entertainment Corporation that represents such Hollywood heavyweights as Drew Carey, and Tim Allen. Dean can now be seen in the action packed film “Triple Nine”, starring Woody Harelson, Kate Winslet and “The Walking Dead”s” Norman Reedus, in theaters  Feb 2016.